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About Us

Our Mission

West Villages Home Watch LLC and West VIllages Handyman, LLC is a family owned business that prides itself in helping others.  We enjoy giving homeowner piece of mind that their home is in the best care possible while they are away.  We are parents of four beautiful children that want to teach them morals and values through our actions.  West Villages Home Watch & Handyman will provide honest, professional work at all times.

meet our team

Talents Behind Our Success

Jeremy Thompson
Owner & Certified Home Watch Professional

Jeremy is originally from North Carolina where he built houses and maintained properties for 13+ years. He also spent many years working with a non-profit organization doing maintenance on their buildings and structures. He has a vast amount of skills that set him apart from the competition. If there is a problem with your home he has the skills required to diagnose that problem and either fix it himself or know exactly who to call to get the job done. He and the people he has worked with pride him on being extremely dependable and hardworking. You are getting one the very best when you hire Jeremy and the West Villages Home Watch, LLC.

Lisa Thompson
Business Manager

Lisa, originally from Massachussetts will be doing all the logistics for the company. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resources and 7+ as a Supervisory Hospital Administrator with the VA (Veterans Administration). She also has many years experience in the military where she spent 5 years as a logistics supervisor in charge as well as 4 years as a military police. She served our country for 9+ years, one of which she spent in Iraq. Her previous work experience sets her apart from many in the industry. She knows what hard work is and what it takes to get the job done matter the cost.

Between the two of us we have a vast amount of knowledge and skills required to be the best in the business for your most prized possessions, your home. We understand the importance of maintaining vacant properties. We also understand and respect the level of trust extended to me and my company when a client chooses to utilize our home watch services in Venice and North Port areas.

Background Checks:

We take the integrity of our employees very seriously.  If we hire anyone to work for West Villages Home Watch LLC., they will undergo an extensive background check. We will check personal references, employment history and criminal records.  We will only hire people that we would trust coming into our own home if we were away.  Having the complete trust of our clients is very important to us.  

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